Distribution - Editing Metadata for iTunes (and other distribution services)


This article is designed to give you a brief run through of how to edit your iTunes metadata.

To find these pages, navigate to your podcast page (e.g. https://audioboom.com/channel/audioboom-examples), and then click on "Edit Settings". 

We have recently changed the way our podcast settings work to make it much simpler for you as a user.

As you can see in the screenshot above, this is the podcast settings page. On this page you can alter the title, description, and the image for your podcast. These three fields are uniform across our site and your RSS feed, and anywhere else you are distributing to.

If you navigate to the "Distribution" page seen below, you are presented with a different set of options.

On this page, the settings are primarily related to iTunes. All of these fields will directly affect your podcast on iTunes. It is important that you select at least one category, and have the correct podcast language code. If your language code is incorrect, you risk having your podcast removed from iTunes by Apple.

The same goes for the explicit content tag. If this is left blank even if your podcast is explicit, you risk having your podcast removed from iTunes by Apple.  

With regards to publishing your email in the feed, this should be done at your own discretion. By default we have this turned off for you to protect your privacy.

Once all of this information is filled in, you are ready to submit your podcast to iTunes! Find out how in this article


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