KMLs: Make a map of any audioBoom feed


We provide feeds in many flavours - and a few secret menu items too.

One of the ones we don't advertise publically are KML feeds - which allows you to import your clips into mapping programmes, or put them straight into Google Maps/Google Earth. 

How to get a KML feed:

  • Find the RSS feed for any Account, Board, Channel...  any RSS feed that we do.

  • Grab the number in the URL and then put into the following link where the "xxxxx" is:

  • Opening this link should then download a .kml file to your computer

  • It's that easy. Like all our feeds, this updates every time new clips are created, however you will need to re-download it to get the latest clips. Also, fairly obviously, your clips need to have geolocation set in order for this to work.

How to make a Google Map of your feed:

Go to the following URL:

And click on "Create a new map"

In the floating box, click on "Import" and import the KML file that you have just downloaded. 

And your clips will be neatly plotted out on a map for you. 

Click the three dots  to get an embeddable version - just like the example above.

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