Thinglinks & audioBoom: turn any picture into an audio gallery


Making pictures, diagrams and maps come to life with audio notes is a very simple way to engage your audience. So we've teamed up with Thinglink to help you do just that. Try rolling your cursor over the image below...


How to create a Thinglinked image:

  • Sign up at
  • Hit the CREATE (+) button top-right.
  • Pick an image. You can upload one from your desktop, or import from Facebook, Flickr, or any web address.
  • In another window/tab, open and find the single asset page of the clip(s) you'd like to appear there. (Like this one:
  • Copy and paste the entire URL / link address from your address bar.
  • Click anywhere on the image you'd like to add a tag.
  • Switch back to Thinglink, and paste the link into the Link Or Image Address box on your image.
  • Repeat until you've got all the links you want and Save.

You can then share your image - all its audio included - to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more, or embed it onto a website (note: this requires that your website allows you to post JavaScript).

And if you edit your Thinglink to add more clips, it'll automatically update wherever you've posted it - so it's a great way of embedding content you want to update every now and again.

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