Using the Audioboom API


We offer a full-service API that lets you access almost every function we have.

Full documentation can be found on our GitHub at:



By default, all API calls are returned as JSON. For example, this is our Featured feed:

If you'd prefer your results as XML, just add .xml to the call (before any additional parameters)


API Keys and Limits

GET requests for most of our content do not require an API key.

POST requests, especially when uploading content, or modifying accounts, usually require authentication. You'll need one API key for your app (regardless of how many users it has), and use of OAuth to identify the individual user using it. Please refer to the Authentication section of the API.

To register a key, visit

Keys are easy to register, but will be reviewed by our staff. For most uses, it's free - and we're always interested in what people want to build. We may even be able to help out with custom calls or even whole new systems. So let us know what you're up to by posting a request here on the Helpdesk.

Commercial services may require a licence agreement. We may also place limits on any individual key or cap call rates if they place excessive demands on our systems.

Services that appear to compete directly with us or our key partners, are created purely to scrape/import user data, or conflict with our Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy, will be disabled immediately: also, we may disable any associated user accounts. We also reserve the right to take further action if needed.

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