Recording / Uploading to Channels


audioBoom's Channel structure allows one account to upload to a dozen Channels... and a dozen accounts to contribute clips to one Channel. Whichever you need to do.

Just follow these simple steps and you'll be able to get your clips where they need to go - every time.


The safest way to upload to channel from your Desktop is to visit your Channel page.
(The URL will start followed by your channel name.)

On the Channel page, if your account is authorised to record to your Channel, you'll see this grey bar under your header banner...

Using the "Record or Upload To This Channel" link ensures the clip will be submitted to the correct channel you've selected.


You mean I can't use the "Record/Upload" button in the top bar?

You can, but make 100% sure you pick the Destination channel you want on the Publishing screen. It'll appear as a drop down.



Uploading to channels from the audioBoom iPhone/iPad App

Start a new recording as normal.

If you have access to channels, you'll see a a drop down menu appear just above the level meter.

Click this and select the channel you want to submit to.

Ensure that the correct channel is selected when you hit Publish and move through onto the submission screen.


Uploading to channels from the Android App

Start a new recording as normal.

If you're account is linked to a channel, when you hit "record", you will get the option of either posting to your account, or a channel.

It will also show you the maximum length you can upload for your post.


My audio hasn't appeared in my Channel...

Check to see if the audio has appeared in your Account feed instead. If you have a Moderatedchannel, it may also be waiting for approval - check there if you have access to it.

If it's gone to the wrong place, don't worry.

All you need to do is edit the clip:

  • on the audioBoom website, click on the headline of any clip that you own to open its display page....
  • then click on the EDIT link you'll see top left.
  • click the MOVE THIS POST link top right - pick one of the channels you own to move it to.


You can also file a ticket heremake sure you tell us:

  • your account name
  • the name or URL of the clip you need moved
  • whether it's stuck on your account or an incorrect channel
  • the channel it needs to be moved to

We can then quickly move the clip to where it's supposed to be.
(But please don't rely on this service too much...)

Alternatively, if you still have the upload handy on your desktop, you can simply delete the clip and re-upload.


I can't locate my Channel...

If you're having problems accessing your channel on either the website or the apps, please file a ticket here and let us know how we can help.

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