Adding / Removing Contributors


You can add as many contributors to your podcast as you wish - and they can have as much control as they need over what gets posted. Contributors added to podcasts will then have recording enabled on their account so that they can post to the podcast in question.

To add contributors to your podcast:

  • Select your channel from the drop down list in your bar, or navigate to it through the site.
  • Click Edit Settings (should appear on the right just above your banner graphic.)
  • Scroll down to the Contributors section.

You'll see a list of the current contributors. You can Remove any of these with one click.

Under the list, you'll find the option to add more contributors.

If they ALREADY have an account with us, just type in their username and click Add Contributor.

If they DON'T have an account with us yet, get them to sign up!

Please note that channel Administrator rights can only be set by our staff. If you want to add more admins, just drop us a note.

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