Changing your username and password


You can change your password here:

Click the "change your password" link to reveal the new input boxes.


You can change your username at:

While this will not break any links to your content, this may affect some other settings within the system.


Tips on creating strong, memorable passwords:

Combining two or more different types of memorable information - which aren't necessarily related until you put them together - will help you create a strong password. (And because of the new association, actually make it even more memorable).

For example:

Let's say the one thing you'd never leave at home is your wallet. Easy password for either a human hacker or a machine to guess.

Now let's say you were born on the 12th of April 1980 or 120480. Still too easy.

But how about wallet120480?

Both are things you can easily remember - but together, quite hard to guess or brute-force.


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