Help - I've been suspended as a spammer?


We're not fond of spammers at Audioboom.

If you appear to be using your podcast for spam (particularly SEO link building), the system may automatically suspend your podcast.

This will initially result in a message across the page warning you about suspension. Shortly afterwards, your account may be locked: you will be unable to upload, post comments or modify your user settings. We may also temporarily hide some of your content.

To remove this and unlock your podcast, click here to send us a message. We'll inspect your podcast. If you're a genuine user and not using your account for spam - we will not only unlock your podcast, we'll ensure this never happens to you again. Also, the information we gather will help stop more false-positive results.

However: should we decide your account is posting spam, all items will be permanently erased and all links on your posts, profile, playlists or other items reported directly to Google. This may result in penalties against any web pages listed.

In short, if you post spam links here, it will backfire badly on you.

If you spot anyone spamming or posting unpleasant content, please file a report with us.

If someone has posted SEO links on your behalf and without your permission on our site, please file a report with us stating which agency was responsible for the links and that they operated without your consent.

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