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You can report content that breaks our Terms and Conditions to us:

  • right here by starting a ticket
  • from any of the individual episode pages by clicking "Report this post"
  • from our apps by tapping "Report this post"


What do we need to know?

The URL: This is the complete link to the content. It's pre-filled if you report from the on-page button or the apps.

Why the content is against our Terms and Conditions: most problems fall into five basic categories:

  • The content is offensive (contains swearing, hate speech or pornography)
  • The content is a personal attack (bullying / trolling / threatening)
  • The content is copyrighted to someone else
  • The content promotes illegal activities
  • The content is spam

Please let us know which category it falls into and why.

We will remove any content immediately that is proven to be against our Terms And Conditions.

If you want to file a copyright removal request (frequently referred to as a DMCA request), we have a specific process for that - please click here for details.


A word about spam

Audioboom, like many other social platforms, gets used for profile spam, comment spam and link farming. We don't condone this: and any users we find engaging in this will be removed immediately on reporting.

We also auto-report any links we ban to Google - so if you've been penalised, the link removal should be notified to them immediately.

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