Edit or Delete an Episode


Editing episodes
Visit the episode page, then click the "edit" button.

You can then:

  • Trim the episode
  • Change the title, description and tags
  • Add, change or remove a picture
  • Change category
  • Add, change or remove the map location
  • Delete the episode 


To use the trimming tool:

  • Click the Audio tab in the edit screen.
  • Drag the inpoint and outpoint bars where you need them (or fine adjust by typing in the timing boxes).
  • Play back the clip using the play button to check it. 


To add or edit the location:

  • Click the Map tab
  • Check the Public location box
  • Either search for a location or zoom with the scroll wheel or the onscreen zoom controls
  • Drag the  to the desired location


Deleting episodes
On the edit screen, click the  button on the top right.

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